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Updated: Oct 17, 2020

The most important relationship is our relationship with God. It is our relationship with our heavenly Father that will set the premises for all the other relationships that we build. God did not create us to be an island. Jesus laid the foundation for relationships. He had twelve disciples; He loved all of them, but He gave a different level of access to them. He started with twelve who were His followers; out of the twelve, three of them were His inner circle (Peter, James, and John). From the three, He had one which He became more intimate with (John). If Jesus, who is the son of God, chooses the people He had in His life wisely, so should you and I.

Your association will give others a clear sign of where you are heading in life. It is often said that birds of the feather flock together. For example, if you are around people who are pursuing their destiny, it will inspire you to fulfill your dreams. Those that you spend most of your time with will influence you negatively or positively. Soon you will realize you take on the personality, mannerism, and behavior of the individual you are around. It is crucial to seek guidance from the Holy Spirit about those with who you are in a relationship, especially if you are an individual destined for greatness because it will affect your future.

Before you pursue a relationship, you must know what you want in a relationship and the quality of the relationship you are willing to invest your time and energy. God created us to be interdependent on others. However, He wants us to use caution and use wisdom to choose a relationship that will help us to become the person that He created us to be. Some relationships are casual, and some are close. In everything, there is a season, there will be people that come into your life for a season, and you must be sensitive and let them go. Understand that God has a purpose for your life, and your relationship must align with your God-given purpose.

The people that are closest to you must be like-minded people because whatever you give your time to is what you will become. God is love, and He commanded us to love people despite the level that we relate with them. God knows that you will not be close to everyone. The bible said, “He who walks with wise men will be wise. But the companion of fools will suffer harm” (Proverbs 13:2). People should have boundaries in their relationship. Not everyone that you are in a relationship with should have the same access in your life. Like Jesus, you must know the difference between the multitude and those that are in the inner circle. With this in mind, you will know who to share your intimate thoughts with, so you will save yourself from having to deal with unnecessary issues.

Access is the key to differentiate how close you allow people to come in. Make sure it is God who has given them access to your life. Let people earn your trust and prove themselves before you allow them into your space. It is wise for you to take caution of who you allow into your life. When God wants to bless you, he sends a person. Likewise, when Satan wants to destroy, he sends people. You cannot share your visions with everyone, but only with a few. Never run into a relationship hastily with anyone. You should pray and ask God for a destiny connector. These are people who are assigned to help you fulfill the plans and purposes of God for your life. Ask God for discernment so that the things you desire do not cloud your vision, so you do not see the enemy that is lurking around for you to abort your purpose.

Do not allow people in your space that do not connect to your purpose. Never put an unhealthy expectation on those that you are in a relationship with because when you put pressure on people, they will shrink back. Human beings are fickle, and they will flip on you based upon the emotional state. Not because you are in a relationship with someone does not mean that they will be there for you all the time. Remember, Jesus Christ had his disciples, and in His darkest moment, they could not watch for an hour (Matthew 26:40). They have their lives and their ambitions that are pursuing too. For your relationship to work, it requires patience, honesty, forgiveness, and compassion. People will make mistakes along the way, but you should not treat them as disposable.

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