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Meet the Founder ...

   My name is Valerie Heath. I am a social worker, social service worker, and an author. I hold a diploma in Christian Leadership, and a certificate in chaplaincy. My hobbies include reading, writing, listening to inspirational music, and meditation. As a social worker, I have worked with the homeless population and other sectors providing client support. 

    As our society evolves, people often find themselves in difficult situations that require an urgent response, and they do not know what to do or where they should look for help. Desiring to be a change agent, I want to provide these individuals with the tools and resources that they need to empower themselves so that they can improve their well-being, which will help them to steer through the cracks of life.



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  I believe that everyone has the potential to become productive, and when given the right tools, their innate ability will shine. Humanity has endured uncertainty and unrest, which have taken a toll on them, and have altered their ability to function and lived a productive life.


  Escape is not always easy for some. Having to overcome adversity and knowing how it can affect individuals as they navigate through life has sparked a desire in me to help those who find themselves in a place where their hope appears as if it is vanishing to have better lives. With many years of volunteer experiences coupled with paid work experiences in the relevant fields, I want to use my skills and knowledge to advocate for those who are facing oppression, marginalization, and discrimination as they try to find their way through the system, which will relieve the suffering of humanity. 


Our Mission

Live Triumphantly Network (LTN) is dedicated to enhance the quality of life of youths, women, families, seniors and other vulnerable groups in Canada.

Our  Vison 

       Aiming to bring empowerment and hope to the hopeless so that they can strive to become a person, that will inspire others who find themselves in similar situations.

Aspire to eradicate social justice and prejudice through educational resources, and innovative social media. Striving to help underserved people to overcome socio-economics, emotional and social barriers.

Hands in the Soil


    Live Triumphantly Network (LTN) is a non- profit organization that is established to provide counseling and related support services to various groups of populations such as youths, seniors, families, and women. It takes on a grass-root approach where we meet people without being judgmental. There are many pathways that can lead individuals into various kinds of social issues. We as an organization appear with much sensitivity to address those issues appropriately and effectively.

    People are different, and Live Triumphantly Network creates an atmosphere that dispels bias, stigmatization, and any preconceived notion about any group. We provide a space for individuals where they can feel safe to share their thoughts, feelings, and experience with like-minded people. To deal with these issues, we will offer social and personal development, crisis intervention, and support to decrease domestic violence and abuse. Live Triumphantly Network aims to be emphatic and compassionate towards everyone who requires the services offered. We are an organization that promotes diversity and cultural competency.

   Further, we provide aid and resources that link participants to social service agencies where they can access other services that will assist them in their pursuit of a better future. There are trained staff on board and they can also provide individuals with a wide range of referrals to other community services.

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