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Trials to Triumph

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

As you journey through life, there are many obstacles along the way. They are designed to break you into pieces so you can retrieve back to the old way. You decide that whatever comes along your path, it will not derail you from the plans and purposes of God that He created you to fulfill. Understand that there is greatness in you. You cannot allow disappointment and delays to paralyze you and keep you in your comfort zone.

There are treasures in you that the world is eagerly waiting to see. You need to show them who the Father is and how His grace will bring transformation in their lives. No matter what you have done, God has not changed his mind about you. Human beings are fickle, and they may embrace you based on their mood, but God is not like that.

Let’s look at the bible character Joseph. His life symbolizes the concept of a prison to a palace. Joseph was the youngest in his family. He became the favored child among his siblings, which made them jealous. He was a dreamer, and being naive he shared his dream with his brothers, but they were not happy for him. He was unaware that he was a threat to them. They conspired to kill him because they were afraid that the dream would come to fulfillment. There were other occurrences in his life that caused more damage to him, such as Potiphar’s wife accusing him of sexual advances towards her, but it was the other way she wanted to be with him. Through all the trials and tribulations, Joseph remains focused, and he holds on to his integrity. Despite the series of challenges, he kept his composure and demonstrated a positive attitude. As a result, he was promoted to become a significant figure in Egypt.

Some of you may have dealt with various kinds of turbulences in your life that should have taken you out, but God intervened, and you came through victoriously. Humanity has had some frightening situations crept into their life that they had to wrestle with the idea of sink or swim. They overcame because of their faith in God. They are now standing as victorious people. Jesus Christ has paved the way, but you must determine that you will triumph. As you come into a continuous revelation of your identity in Christ, you will soar like an eagle above every storm. God allowed challenges to build you on the inside and make you into the image of Christ. Rest assured that nothing can separate you from the love of God.

Those who you thought should love and care for you abused and used you. Even in these circumstances, there is hope in Christ for you. Let go and surrender your burdens to Him, and He will restore the brokenness in your life.

God is sovereign, and He rules and reigns over everything. Jehovah is above all the situations that you are facing. Allow it to sink into the depths of your heart. He will turn your fragmented life into something beautiful. Do not allow Satan and his demons to keep you in the bondage of your past. It does not matter what you have done in the past, God is still in control. He has got you! Promotion comes from God, and in due season, He will exalt you to a place of prominence. There were people in the bible that had a difficult past, but he repaired and restored every one of them.

The Almighty God desires to do that for you, and give you a testimony so that others will be inspired to trust him. Your pain is not in vain. God will use you to bring comfort to others. He is God, and He will give you beauty for ashes. You will say I am more than a conqueror through Jesus Christ.

The Holy Spirit, which is Christ in you, will help you to overcome adversity, affliction, and hardship. Surrender to Him, and He will do amazing things in your life to catapult you into greatness. In every setback, there is a comeback, despite the trials and tribulations that they have had to encounter, you are still valuable. There are no permanent situations. Trials and tribulations are meant not to break you but to make you into a better person.

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